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  • WordPress 6.5.3: An upcoming maintenance release
    [15 Apr 24, 5:28pm] WordPress 6.5.3 is scheduled to be the next maintenance release for the 6.5 version. Its release will follow the following preliminary schedule: Specific times will be decided in advance and adjustments to the schedule may be made. All adjustments wi…
  • Performance Chat Agenda: 16 April 2024
    [15 Apr 24, 3:19pm] Here is the agenda for this week’s performance team meeting scheduled for . If you have any topics you’d like to add to this agenda, please add them in the comments below. This meeting happens in the #core-performance channel. To join the meeting…
  • Bundled Theme Bug Scrubs
    [12 Apr 24, 6:20pm] Starting there will be a bundled theme bug scrub. Currently, there are over 326 tickets in the bundled theme component queue. Recently, efforts have been made to reduce the queue, which is going well. This is part of the default theme taskforce work…
  • WordPress 6.5 Release Retrospective
    [12 Apr 24, 6:07pm] Here's another easy way to contribute: share your feedback on the 6.5 release process! Comments and the survey form are open until April 26.
  • Summary, Dev Chat, April 10, 2024
    [12 Apr 24, 9:10am] Start of the meeting in Slack, facilitated by @mikachan. Announcements WordPress 6.5.2 Maintenance and Security Release was released on Tuesday, April 9. WordPress version 6.5.1 could not be released due to a packaging error. Forthcoming Releases…
  • Agenda, Dev Chat, Wednesday April 10, 2024
    [10 Apr 24, 11:04am] The next WordPress Developers Chat will take place on  in the core channel on Make WordPress Slack. The live meeting will focus on the discussion for upcoming releases, and have an open floor section. Additional items will be referred to in the v…

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  • Crickets from Chirp Systems in Smart Lock Key Leak
    [15 Apr 24, 2:51pm] The U.S. government is warning that smart locks securing entry to an estimated 50,000 dwellings nationwide contain hard-coded credentials that can be used to remotely open any of the locks. The lock's maker Chirp Systems remains unresponsive, ev…
  • Why CISA is Warning CISOs About a Breach at Sisense
    [11 Apr 24, 8:48pm] The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) said today it is investigating a breach at business intelligence company Sisense, whose products are designed to allow companies to view the status of multiple third-party online servic…
  • Twitter’s Clumsy Pivot to Is a Gift to Phishers
    [10 Apr 24, 2:28pm] On April 9, Twitter/X began automatically modifying links that mention "" to redirect to "" instead. But over the past 48 hours, dozens of new domain names have been registered that demonstrate how this change coul…
  • April’s Patch Tuesday Brings Record Number of Fixes
    [9 Apr 24, 8:28pm] If only Patch Tuesdays came around infrequently -- like total solar eclipse rare -- instead of just creeping up on us each month like The Man in the Moon. Although to be fair, it would be tough for Microsoft to eclipse the number of vulnerabilities f…
  • Fake Lawsuit Threat Exposes Privnote Phishing Sites
    [4 Apr 24, 2:12pm] A cybercrook who has been setting up websites that mimic the self-destructing message service accidentally exposed the breadth of their operations recently when they threatened to sue a software company. The disclosure revealed a profita…

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  • Why you should disappoint your parents | Desiree Akhavan
    [11 Apr 24, 2:42pm] When filmmaker Desiree Akhavan told her Iranian immigrant parents she was in love with a woman, she knew they would object. She explains why it's worth the risk to let people get to know the real you.
  • Can cannabis help you sleep? Here's the science | Jen Walsh
    [10 Apr 24, 2:43pm] Can cannabis actually treat insomnia? It's complicated, says sleep physiologist Jen Walsh. While the plant has been used across time and cultures, there's been little scientific research on how it impacts sleep disorders like insomnia. That…
  • A new national park to reclaim Indigenous land | Tracie Revis
    [9 Apr 24, 2:50pm] In a part of the United States with more than 17,000 years of human history, cultural preservation advocate Tracie Revis is working to turn the Ocmulgee Mounds into Georgia's first national park and preserve. This park would be co-managed by the…
  • Ideas change everything — and what's next for TED | Chris Anderson and Monique Ruff-Bell
    [9 Apr 24, 2:40pm] TED is on a mission to discover and champion the ideas that will shape tomorrow. Reflecting on the evolution of that mission, TED's Chris Anderson and Monique Ruff-Bell cast a visionary gaze on the organization's future — including a reva…
  • Can AI catch criminals at sea? | Dyhia Belhabib
    [8 Apr 24, 2:56pm] Can AI help catch oceanic outlaws? From drug smugglers to modern-day pirates, maritime crime fighter Dyhia Belhabib introduces Heva: an AI-powered tool that aggregates international criminal records to detect and stop crime that might otherwise get s…
  • Music, movement and poetry | Tunde Olaniran
    [5 Apr 24, 2:55pm] Joined onstage by four dancers, multidisciplinary artist Tunde Olaniran smolders through a set of songs powered by experimental electronic beats.


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  • S.T.O.P. is Working to ‘Ban The Scan’ in New York
    [13 Apr 24, 1:46am] Facial recognition is a threat to privacy, racial justice, free expression, and information security. EFF supports strict restrictions on face recognition use by private companies, and total bans on government use of the technology. Face recognition…
  • EFF Submits Comments on FRT to Commission on Civil Rights
    [12 Apr 24, 10:06pm] Our faces are often exposed and, unlike passwords or pin numbers, cannot be remade. Governments and businesses, often working in partnership, are increasingly using our faces to track our whereabouts, activities, and associations. This is why EFF rec…
  • What Does EFF Mean to You?
    [12 Apr 24, 6:26pm] We could go on for days talking about all the work EFF does to ensure that technology supports freedom, justice, and innovation for all people of the world. In fact, we DO go on for days talking about it — but we’d rather hear from you. What do…
  • Bad Amendments to Section 702 Have Failed (For Now)—What Happens Next?
    [11 Apr 24, 1:40pm] Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted against considering a largely bad bill that would have unacceptably expanded the tentacles of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, along with reauthorizing it and introducing some min…
  • Virtual Reality and the 'Virtual Wall'
    [10 Apr 24, 10:32pm] When EFF set out to map surveillance technology along the U.S.-Mexico border, we weren't exactly sure how to do it. We started with public records—procurement documents, environmental assessments, and the like—which allowed us to find the GP…


  • Free Online Rhythm Counter From Shortest Note
    [25 Mar 24, 5:00pm] Here is a free online rhythm counter that creates visual rhythm representation and beat duration just by tapping spacebar with each beat.The post Free Online Rhythm Counter From Shortest Note appeared first on I Love Free Software.
  • Create Motion Graphics Online Free with this Tool
    [24 Mar 24, 5:00pm] Check out this Trangram is a vector-based motion graphics animation tool that works directly in your web browser.The post Create Motion Graphics Online Free with this Tool appeared first on I Love Free Software.
  • How to Transform Any GIF with Text Prompts using AI
    [23 Mar 24, 5:00pm] Transform any GIF with text prompts using AI to create desired GIF from any GIF. GIF-to-GIF transformations using animatediff workflow.The post How to Transform Any GIF with Text Prompts using AI appeared first on I Love Free Software.
  • How to Clear DNS Cache on Windows 11
    [22 Mar 24, 5:00pm] Let's explore how to clear DNS cache on Windows 11 using multiple methods including a method to automate the process.The post How to Clear DNS Cache on Windows 11 appeared first on I Love Free Software.
  • Use Gemini in Google Sheets to Generate Complex Formulas and Tables
    [21 Mar 24, 5:00pm] This post explains how to use Gemini in Google Sheets to generate complex formulas, tables, and content in a few clicks.The post Use Gemini in Google Sheets to Generate Complex Formulas and Tables appeared first on I Love Free Software.

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  • Navigating Git integration for mainframe development
    [15 Apr 24, 6:40pm] Until recently, the terms “mainframe” and “Git” appeared to be a mismatch. However, increased adoption of DevOps practices on the mainframe, the desire to integrate the platform in enterprise-wide continuous innovation/continuous deployment (…
  • JetBrains aims to improve developer productivity with launch of IDE Services
    [15 Apr 24, 3:41pm] JetBrains is attempting to make it easier for developers to manage different development tools with the release of JetBrains IDE Services.  “Due to complex environments and distributed engineering teams, enterprise customers struggle to efficientl…
  • Android 15 first beta released with default support for edge-to-edge apps displays
    [12 Apr 24, 5:01pm] The Android development team has just released the first beta for Android 15, which allows developers and early adopters to start using it on their supported Pixel devices.  As of this beta, apps can now be displayed edge-to-edge by default, meaning…
  • ChatGPT Plus users now get access to GPT-4 Turbo model
    [12 Apr 24, 4:27pm] OpenAI has announced that paid ChatGPT users now have access to GPT-4 Turbo, which is the company’s most advanced model. The new model improves writing, math, logical reasoning, and coding capabilities.  According to OpenAI, the use of GPT-4 Turbo…







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  • #GTMTips: Consent Granted Reprocesses Previously Denied Hits
    [7 Mar 24, 5:00am] This will be a quick tip, but it’s here to correct my previous statements in the comments section of different articles on this blog.When using Advanced Consent Mode, Google Analytics 4 collects hits when consent is in "denied" state. Th…
  • The Technical Marketing Handbook By Simmer
    [29 Feb 24, 5:00am] Simmer has just released the Technical Marketing Handbook.It’s a free online resource, formatted as a mini-course, designed to walk the reader through the different disciplines and concepts that fall under the banner of “technical marketing”.…
  • Consent Mode V2 For Google Tags
    [16 Jan 24, 5:00am] **Last updated March 7, 2024. Clarified that you do NOT need to resend hits when consent is granted, if those hits were collected on the same page when consent was denied. Google’s Consent Mode continues to be a hot topic, especially since in 2024…
  • Thoughts On Education
    [31 Dec 23, 5:00am] As my LinkedIn inbox graciously reminded me that I’ve been working on Simmer for a full three years now, I’d like to share a couple of observations about education – particularly in the world of technical digital marketing.Online courses are a…
  • Consent Mode (Google tags) - Custom Tag Template
    [1 Dec 23, 4:01am] This is a template for deploying Google tags’ Consent Mode functionality. It lets you deploy Consent Mode with both the “default” and “update” commands.


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