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  • Summary, Dev Chat, July 10, 2024
    [12 Jul 24, 8:48pm] Start of the meeting in Slack, facilitated by @joemcgill. 🔗 Agenda post. Announcements Forthcoming Releases Next major release: 6.6 We are currently in the WordPress 6.6 release cycle. WordPress 6.6 is scheduled for Tuesday, July 16. There wil…
  • WordPress 6.6 Release Day Process
    [12 Jul 24, 8:33pm] Preparation for the WordPress 6.6 release is underway. This post shares the release process, including the timeline and how you can help. Release Timeline Overview Dry Run The Dry Run is a key event as a final walk-through for the final release. As n…
  • Recap Hallway Hangout: Section styles and other block style variation updates
    [12 Jul 24, 3:59pm] On July 8th, 2024, contributors attended the Hallway Hangout: Section styles and other block style variation updates. Attendees chatted about cool new features and handy tips for styling sections in WordPress 6.6. They also swapped stories and ideas…
  • Agenda, Dev Chat, Wednesday July 10, 2024
    [10 Jul 24, 12:26am] The next WordPress Developers Chat will take place on  in the core channel on Make WordPress Slack. The live meeting will focus on the discussion for upcoming releases, and have an open floor section. Additional items will be referred to in the v…
  • Hallway Hangout: Let’s chat about what’s next in Gutenberg (August 2024)
    [9 Jul 24, 10:19pm] This hallway hangout seeks to be another snapshot of what’s being worked on in the Gutenberg plugin to provide broader awareness to more WordPress contributors and get feedback. In line with the first edition, the hope is to come together early to…
  • Performance Chat Summary: 9 July 2024
    [9 Jul 24, 4:04pm] Meeting agenda here and the full chat log is available beginning here on Slack. Announcements Priority Items WordPress Performance Trac Tickets Performance Lab Plugin (and other Performance Plugins) Active Priority Projects Improving the calculation…

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  • Crooks Steal Phone, SMS Records for Nearly All AT&T Customers
    [12 Jul 24, 6:12pm] AT&T Corp. disclosed today that a new data breach has exposed phone call and text message records for roughly 110 million people -- nearly all of its customers. AT&T said it delayed disclosing the incident in response to "national securi…
  • The Stark Truth Behind the Resurgence of Russia’s Fin7
    [10 Jul 24, 4:22pm] The Russia-based cybercrime group dubbed "Fin7," known for phishing and malware attacks that have cost victim organizations an estimated $3 billion in losses since 2013, was declared dead last year by U.S. authorities. But experts say Fin7…
  • Microsoft Patch Tuesday, July 2024 Edition
    [9 Jul 24, 7:50pm] Microsoft Corp. today issued software updates to plug 139 security holes in various flavors of Windows and other Microsoft products. Redmond says attackers are already exploiting at least two of the vulnerabilities in active attacks against Windows u…
  • The Not-So-Secret Network Access Broker x999xx
    [3 Jul 24, 4:41pm] Most accomplished cybercriminals go out of their way to separate their real names from their hacker handles. But among certain old-school Russian hackers it is not uncommon to find major players who have done little to prevent people from figuring ou…
  • KrebsOnSecurity Threatened with Defamation Lawsuit Over Fake Radaris CEO
    [20 Jun 24, 7:16pm] On March 8, 2024, KrebsOnSecurity published a deep dive on the consumer data broker Radaris, showing how the original owners are two men in Massachusetts who operated multiple Russian language dating services and affiliate programs, in addition to a…

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  • What to do when you offend someone | Lambers Fisher
    [12 Jul 24, 2:37pm] Misunderstandings between you and your loved ones will happen — it's what you do next that matters most, says marriage and family therapist Lambers Fisher. Drawing on his work helping couples and relatives work through communication issues, he…
  • The alchemy of pop | Kesha
    [11 Jul 24, 2:46pm] "You can write a song and you can not tell the truth, but your song will suck," says pop star Kesha. So what's the secret to making a great pop song? She explains the special alchemy of her own hits like "TiK ToK" and "P…
  • 3 ideas for communicating across the political divide | Isaac Saul
    [11 Jul 24, 2:46pm] How does language shape our politics? Journalist Isaac Saul explores how subtle word choices can inhibit productive dialogue about significant issues — and shows how small (but important) changes can help us all have better conversations with peopl…
  • The fight over minerals for green energy — and a better way forward | Saleem Ali
    [10 Jul 24, 2:47pm] To transition to clean energy and green technology like electric cars, the world needs massive amounts of essential minerals. Environmental peacemaker Saleem Ali explains the conflicts already arising between countries rushing to mine and extract the…
  • AI that connects the digital and physical worlds | Anima Anandkumar
    [9 Jul 24, 2:39pm] "While language models may help generate new ideas, they cannot attack the hard part of science, which is simulating the necessary physics," says AI professor Anima Anandkumar. She explains how her team developed neural operators — AI tra…
  • Lessons from my father’s final days | Laurel Braitman
    [8 Jul 24, 2:48pm] "Life is an endless sushi conveyor belt of things that are going to test you and teach you at the same time," says writer Laurel Braitman. Exploring the relationship between bravery and fear, she shares hard-won wisdom on love, loss, self-f…


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  • The impact of AI regulation on R&D
    [12 Jul 24, 8:04pm] Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to maintain its prevalence in business, with the latest analyst figures projecting the economic impact of AI to have reached between $2.6 trillion and $4.4 trillion annually.  However, advances in the developme…
  • GraphRAG – SD Times Open Source Project of the Week
    [12 Jul 24, 3:08pm] GraphRAG is an open source research project out of Microsoft for creating knowledge graphs from datasets that can be used in retrieval-augmented generation (RAG). RAG is an approach in which data is fed into an LLM to give more accurate responses. Fo…
  • Microsoft gives up its observer seat on OpenAI’s board
    [11 Jul 24, 3:43pm] Yesterday Microsoft announced that it was giving up its observer board seat at OpenAI, a company it has invested over $10 billion in and whose AI models are heavily integrated across the Microsoft product line. Microsoft’s board seat was a nonvotin…
  • IDPs may be how we solve the development complexity problem
    [11 Jul 24, 2:48pm] Developers today are responsible for a lot more than the developers of 10 years ago were. Not only do they write code, but they’re managing quality, security, incidents, observability, infrastructure, and more. This has led to a lot of tool sprawl…
  • AWS Summit: AWS App Studio, Amazon Q Apps, and more
    [10 Jul 24, 8:14pm] Amazon hosted its annual AWS Summit today in NYC where it announced several updates related to its generative AI offerings. Here are the highlights from today’s event: AWS App Studio now in preview AWS App Studio is a no-code platform for building…







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